Methodist Women in Britain

Logo of Methodist Women in Britain (MWiB)

Methodist Women in Britain (formerly Network) aims to encourage, enable and equip women to participate fully in the life of the Church and in society

More details of our activities can be found in the Calendar

By giving grants to ladies to enable them to attend Connexional Conferences, which also equips them as they learn more about world issues.

We meet together to explore our gifts e.g. workshops and days of fellowship,where we encourage each other as well as being enabled to move further on our spiritual journeys. We are also encouraged, enabled and equipped as we prepare and participate in services of worship.

Having learnt of the wider world needs we are equipped to support both financially and prayer- fully any aid projects that we are challenged to take up. e.g. Aquabox appeal from the District. Thus we are enabled to help equip others.Perhaps through ourenabling, encouraging and equipping we grow spiritually closer to our life's calling to follow Jesus, to serve others and to share in the joys and sorrows of our sisters in Christ as we work together.

MWiB organises the Easter Offering every year with proceeds going to The Methodist Fund for Mission. The theme in 2019 was Longer Tables Lower Fences. This was the church front at the 2019 circuit service in Ashbourne.

For more details on Methodist Women in Britain nationally, please visit the national website (opens in new window).