Services at Ashbourne

Ashbourne church offers a warm welcome and a range of activities for all ages. At the centre of all we do is our worship of God.

Our main worship service at 10.30am on a Sunday at Ashbourne is great for all ages. We will all worship together for the first part of the service, including people worshipping from home via our live stream and those in the church building. Then, those in the building will be able to choose the worship choice which suits them best that day - either staying in Church for a sermon or talk (this will also be live-streamed), or going elsewhere for a different worship activity. This activity will change each week and be suitable for all ages to worship together.

The service is live at 10.30am, and the recordings remain online afterwards for people to watch on catch-up. Most people watch on Facebook, but the video is also on Youtube.

Click here to join our weekly worship on Facebook Click here to join our weekly worship on Youtube

In normal times, we have other opportunities to worship each week...

9:15 logoWe are not currently running 9:15 services.

In normal times, you'd be able to join us in the Century Hall at 9:15am on the second Sunday of every month for relaxed, informal worship, followed by breakfast pastries at 10am.

Then stay on to explore the theme in more detail at 10.30am, with worship for all ages.

Photo of the Praise service at Ashbourne Methodist ChurchWe are not currently running Praise! services.

In normal times, the first and third Sundays of every month are a Praise! service at 6.30pm. This is a contemporary, cafe style worship service in the Century Hall, with our live band.

On other Sunday evenings, we have a service in the church at 6.30pm.