Get to know us

We have a Leadership Team at Ashbourne, who help to coordinate and lead the various parts of church life, with the Church Council ultimately governing church matters.

Rev Tim MorrisRev Tim Morris

Tim is the Minister for the Methodist Churches in the Ashbourne area.

Robert SalesRobert Sales - Worship

Robert attends and liaises with the Worship Development Team. He is also responsible for the Worship Stewards. Robert chairs the Leadership Meetings and is currently Ashbourne’s Senior Steward.

Becky DuttonBecky Dutton - Outreach

Becky attends and liaises with the Outreach Team in seeking to share God’s love and the opportunity to know God, with those around us, and particularly those who come into contact with the church through its many activities, including the Cornerstone Coffee Shop, Kids@Cornerstone, Craft and Chat etc.

Brian HawkinsBrian Hawkins - Learning & Caring

Brian works with the Learning and Caring Team in encouraging these activities in the church, and also encouraging both individual and corporate prayer. He works with the Pastoral Secretary and Pastoral Team in providing care and support to all those connected to our church. Brian also shares and coordinates with the House Group leaders.

Helen BarkerHelen Barker - Lifelong Church

This is a relatively new role where Helen seeks to: establish a group to develop regular and occasional activities which are accessible to adults of all ages; encourage a culture of enablement within the Church Family; and support existing activities that are intended for older people.

Jeff FfoulkesJeff Ffoulkes - Resources

Jeff works with the Resources Team who look after the church’s various resources, such as the various buildings, the employees, and our finances.

Sandra LewerSandra Lewer - Young People

Sandra works with all the young people’s groups and their leaders, and activities for young people. These include Powersource, Messy Church, Mustard, Kids @ Cornerstone, and the recent online activities.

Stuart GreenStuart Green - Plan for Growth

Following on from the previous Mission Action Plan, the “Plan for Growth” was recently agreed by the Church Council to encourage and direct growth of the church in different areas. Stuart is responsible for encouraging different groups in the church to play their part in the Plan for Growth, and to monitor progress made.

Tny WalkerTony Walker - Link Project

Tony leads the Link Project Team in our extensive building project. Tony helps coordination between the Link Project and Leadership Team to ensure the building plans are in line with the church’s ministry, and that the Link Project Team have the required support and input. For more details on the Link Project, click here.